hit radio the wurx

Welcome to Hit Radio The WURX


Hit Radio The WURX went On The Air on February 11th 2017.  We are a young station and still building our listening audience.  The  goal of this station is to bring back the days of Retro Radio. Stations like KFRC The BIG 610 in San Francisco to WRKO 680 in Boston.   This was a time when there were more interactions between the DJ and Listener.  A time when requests for songs were played.  This is something that Broadcast Radio today has left behind. 

Building a station like this is far different than Radio you know today. This type of station has not just Audio BUT, a chat room as well, which allows listeners to directly interact with the DJ and other listeners.  The only way Radio has ever done this was to attend a Live Remote.  It wasn’t often that someone was invited into the studio. When you listen one of our shows you are invited into the studio right from your computer. You can chat with the DJ playing cd’s, digital music and yes even vinyl.  The cd’s and vinyl are something Radio Stations have far moved away from. 

The nice thing about bringing Retro Radio into the modern age is there are so many media platforms we can use to increase our listening audience.  We are on Live 365, which you just download on your tablet or cell phone and “TAKE US WITH YOU ON THE GO”.

This station was built with a Labor of Love.  We hope you will tell a friend or relative about us.  We hope you will grow with us.  The People that put this station together all share the same vision.

Thank you!

Hit Radio The WURX Staff