hit radio the wurx jeff kelly

Hi I'm Jeff Kelly, from WASHINGTON


I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, F.M. Radio was still in it's infancy & A.M. Radio was Huge. I grew up listening to THE BIG 610 KFRC in San Francisco.  Some of the Biggest names in Radio passed through that station. I was inspired by these Iconic Legends.  I thought in my youth that I would like to someday be one of those who played that memorable tune that takes someone back in time or makes them jump to their feet and start dancing. In the late 80's to early 90's I got my chance. I was now working at KHQT HOT 97.7. F.M.  What a great time that was. I really loved Radio BUT, unfortunately it wasn't enough to pay the bills. 


About 5 years ago I got another break, Shawn DeAngelo who I used to work with at HOT 97.7 contacted me. He said he had an Internet Radio Station. After talking to Shawn for a while I was on the Overnight shift Midnight to 6 am. Monday-Fridays on San Francisco's 70's Hits. 


I then found Radio somewhat evolving again, while searching the internet I found a station that not only had Audio but Video as well. There was a chat room where the DJ could interact with the listeners.   I thought WOW. This is something new I might want to pursue. After some Research I had the chance to be on 3 of these types of stations.


On February 11th 2017 I started my own station. HIT RADIO THE WURX. This is a Labor of Love and I couldn't have done it without the help of some very good friends, TheYeti and ShiGuy. They both put their Hearts and Soul into this Station. They are true friends and I am Grateful to them both. 

Hi, I am ShiGuy, from Oregon

Hello from the beautiful Oregon coast! Living out here is like living in paradise. Not California, but you get the point. I am a firefighter by trade here at our local fire department

and its the best job in the world! In my off time, I enjoy spending time on the beach with my family, hiking, kayaking, camping and just about anything outdoors.

I got my start in radio many years ago sorting carts for a small station back in Laurel, MT. Later, I went on to work as a mobile DJ, doing the club scene as well as karaoke, weddings and parties. I was given a fortunate opportunity

hit radio the wurx shiguy

to spend some time at Griz 101.5 in Missoula, MT but due to changes in commercial broadcast radio, the station did not survive. I like to think of myself asquite the entertainer, both on and off the air.

More recently, I was talking radio with my friend Jeff, who told me all about this awesome

internet radio thing. Long story short, I was brought on for Friday nights on The SeaCoast,

and I had the bug again. After a few guest spots on Vintage Sounds and various other

internet-based stations, I have found a home here at The WURX. I have even taken The

WURX on the road, doing our first live remote broadcast in September of 2017. The

possibilities are endless!

I have the best opportunity here not only to do something I love doing, but I also get to do it

with friends. We already have a great foundation and I am looking forward to the future of this



Hi, I am Glenn, from Nevada

I got interested in radio when I was 13 years old at a summer camp in upstate New York. They had a 20 watt AM carrier current station that covered the entire camp and a little beyond. For the 8 weeks I was there, I got to spin records and play reel to reel tapes on that station each day. I also built my 1st AM transmitter, a tube unit while I was at that camp. You can see how it all started here - http://www.gshome.com/tlc/

Several years later when I moved to So. Cal. I built my own FM radio station, basically an LPFM and ran it out of my home. The coverage area was small, but I had fun doing this as a hobby while working for a telecommunications company in

the L.A. area. I never pursued radio as a career due to the low pay, but I always was interested in doing it as a hobby. 

A few years later, I moved north to Oregon and build another LPFM station and ran it from my home studio. It was 10 watts with a 50 foot antenna. The coverage was fairly good, getting out as far as 30 miles in one direction. I played vinyl, CD's, and tapes on it.

Around late 2001, I moved to Nevada, where I reside now. I still have my old radio equipment from the LPFM days, but I never set it up as had discovered internet broadcasting. In 2009 I started casting on a site called STICKAM and did weekly radio shows for a few years until that site closed down. Then after that, I moved over to a few other sites, and finally wound up on vaughn.live where I do a live show every Wednesday night from 8PM Until  11PM.