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hit radio the wurx jeff kelly

Hi I'm Jeff Kelly, from WASHINGTON


I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, F.M. Radio was still in it's infancy & A.M. Radio was Huge. I grew up listening to THE BIG 610 KFRC in San Francisco.  Some of the Biggest names in Radio passed through that station. I was inspired by these Iconic Legends.  I thought in my youth that I would like to someday be one of those who played that memorable tune that takes someone back in time or makes them jump to their feet and start dancing. In the late 80's to early 90's I got my chance. I was now working at KHQT HOT 97.7. F.M.  What a great time that was. I really loved Radio BUT, unfortunately it wasn't enough to pay the bills. 


I later discovered internet radio through a friend. I was on 4 stations before starting my own. With some help from friends Hit Radio The WURX was born.  We hope you enjoy the music and hope it brings back memories and creates new ones.


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